Monitoring Serial Port

  • controller: m20iA

    software: handling tool

    I have a monitoring system on my robots. it is a pc that monitors different parameters from the process. We use a simple job router with a bar code to tell the monitor what parts we are running. Most of my robots that run this system are ABB and it is a simple few lines of code to monitor the serial com port then the robot pulls the program needed.

    I am now moving on to our FANUCs and I want to replicate this process. I have spent the better part of a day searching the forum but haven't found exactly what I am needing to do.

    I want to have the PC export the barcode scanner using the serial port of the PC to the Robot. Then have the robot pull the program.

    Is it best to use the serial port on the controller? If that is the case, do I then use KAREL to monitor and send the input to a register?

    Is there a different way of getting this done?

  • SkyeFire

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  • Hi Drew Cable

    you have to use karel when monitoring the serial port( or maybe a, unkown option (to me) ) .

    But debugging is not nice with serial ports.

    Nowadays I would rather recommend ethernet (TCP/UDP //IP).

    Or it might be easier with a little money:

    iRVision --> barcode reading

    Or barcode readers with "fanuc 'compatible' interface"


    Or via the webserver with ".../karel/comset/ " this might be 'hacky' so do a search by your own..

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