Simulation AVI Export Of RoboDK

  • RoboDK Simulation Export format is either pdf or html,which is unconvenient for sharing.

    Is there other Simulation Export Format like avi of roboguide export?

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  • As far I can tell, these two options are the only available output formats until now.

    RoboDK released a plugin marketplace some time ago, but the closer one I've found there is this one

    Robot information - RoboDK

    But it enable a sort of virtual camera (that was already available on older versions of RDK) and I believe You want to record the complete simulation, right?

    What I do in these cases is record with an external software, like Snagit.

    But the video output format is a good idea for a new feature/plugin.

  • many thanks for your informaiton, I am going to do some research with the Record App you methioned.

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