Data exchange between GOT2000 panel and robot

  • Hi all, I need to data exchange between robot and GOT panel. Especially I need send string from GOT panel to robot. I need it for save recept name in robot.

    How to do it ?

    Thank you for advice

  • I use for HMI panel GOT2000, GT27-VTBA and Robot RV-6SD, connected via FTP cable (MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC gateway), Ethernet multi protocol. I normally communicate using M_In/Out16 instruction, but I need to send the string. I made a script that sends the string character by character, but that's not a good solution.

    Do you have a idea how to do it ?

  • if possible i would just send numbers and do something like this

    (pseudo code incoming)

    select M_in(numberFrompanel)

    case 1

    callp "jobYouWant"



    case 100

    callp "lastJobYouWant"


    end select

    iirc string caused me some headaches in the past, so i covardly find my peace in number sending

  • You can also put the string on GD devices of the GOT and copy it via a script.

    [w:U3E0-10702]=105; //Function No=Write position value �iASCII)

    [w:U3E0-10703]=[w:GD1303]; //Slot No

    bmov([w:GD1310],[w:U3E0-10710],8); //Variable Name

    set([b:U3E0-10700.b0]); //Request for variable operation ON

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