KR 210 L150-2 cad model

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been looking for any kind of cad data for the KR 210 L150-2 for some weeks now that I could use to create the robot in powermill. Within the KUKA download-center this robot is already gone for a long time and I can only find the pdf of the specs.

    So, in my naive way of thinking I tried to modify the implemented KR 300 R2500 mtd file to suit the KR 210 data specs. That was an easy thing to do, BUT !! - of course, the mod of the mtd file worked perfectly, just the graphical display of the robot and it's behaviour was totally off.... The axis had a completely different rotation point, what in the aftermath seems quite logical since the dimensions are different and the parts have a different x-y-z location. As I learned, the graphical representation of the axis (parts) rely on the "world workplane" which is defined when the axis (part) was designed (e.g. Powershape). So that all depends on the dmt-files provided to physically represent the robot in powermill ---- If my conclusion is right in any way at all.....

    So even with the effort to redesign an existing model I had no chance to get a good outcome....

    Maybe there is someone out here who could help me out with the dmt files for this robot, or maybe even provide a complete 3d modell in any kind of file format that I will convert later on....

    Thank you very much in advance !!! :thumbup:

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