Am I writing / running KAREL the hardway?

  • I have a computer science background and I'm working on an interdisciplinary robotics project. Fanuc is my 2nd taste of robotics after having worked with Universal Robots.
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    I wrote this which outlines how I created a hello world KAREL program using a CRX-20iA/L controller on ROBOGUIDE V9.40274 with Windows11.

    It was a huge pain and I want to know, am I doing it the hard way?

    I plan to write a server / client socket implementation in the future where the robot is acting as a server executing move commands sent from a Python client and I fear this is my fate for the next few weeks.

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  • What are you trying to achieve, specifically?

    Fanuc has many interfaces to their robots, and writing Karel to implement a motion server might not be how you want to spend your time.

    Have you looked at Remote Motion Interface R912?

  • I'm with a team supporting an open source testing platform designed to assist businesses with things like Q/A, R&D and maintenance. We're writing programs that interface with tools, like robots, which will abstract away programming aspects for operators.

    I've made motion servers for other manufactures in a similar way and I've been asked to attempt it with Fanuc.

  • support for motion in karel was discontinued in the 90's. using karel motion today is not a good idea at all (unless you like the motion from a 30 years old motion planner). as suggested several times here, it is better to use an existing interface like remote motion interface.

  • Wanted to report that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do strictly with KAREL and Python.

    This GUI interacts with a Python script. The script sends a message to a KAREL server. The KAREL server parses the message then moves the robot contingent on it's payload.


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