Looking for an affordable KVGA 2.0 card

  • The eBay prices for KVGA 2.0 cards are a little nuts, does anyone have a spare that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price?

    I'm located in Europe, can pay via PayPal or credit card if you have a payment processor. Not representing a company, buying for myself.

    Photo of my dead card is attached, for reference. Taken out of a KRC3 KR3(not the Agilus), after it apparently died when I unplugged the external VGA connector. No video, nothing. Just toast.

    Either message me here, or email robotforum (at) spirit (dot) re - I'll respond faster by email.

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  • Sad to hear that your board broke.

    Good/Bad to know that unplugging the VGA monitor can cause serious harm to the board.

    Any clues what died? Is both KCP and VGA dead or just one of them?

    Were you able to add another standard PC graphics card (AGP for example) and see if the board is listed in the BIOS PnP scan?

    My number of robots is equal to the number of cards (1=1) so I don't have a spare at hand right now.

  • From what I can tell, it's the KVGA. I never got an image on the KCP because I killed it before I bought a KCP, and it came as known-working, so I'm assuming it's still fine.

    Right now I'm using an AGP card with external output and VNC to operate the robot, but it's extremely annoying.

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