Kuka LBR Axis 1 Mastering Failed

  • My Kuka LBR is having some issue in Mastering Axis 1. All the other axes can be Mastered and Unmastered as they should be. When i start the Mastering process, the Axis 1 will keep rotating and then will stop giving an unknown error. Seems like the hall effect sensor is unable to detect the pre-mastering position. Any suggestion to resolve the issue?

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  • I will "hijack" this thread because I am currently having more or less the same issue.

    In my case I can't master axis 2 anymore. When trying to do so the info on the smartpad states: "Axis 2 was not mastered successfully, moving to pre-mastering position with error".

    Is there any fix I can apply? Thanks in advance.

    (Image of the smart pad showing the error)

  • Hi CK, I am seeing the same error message as you. Kuka says you may need to send the Arm back to us for repair because it seems more like a hardware issue.

    Hi Faisal, thanks for responding. Opened a support ticket and will wait for the answer of KUKA, I will keep you informed as soon as I get any valuable response from them.

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