RJ2 420İW Calibration Battery

  • Hello everyone, we have an "RJ2 420IW" robot. I just installed and calibrated the robot calibration batteries. But within a week, the batteries run out again. I don't know what path I'm supposed to follow. I don't know if there is a problem with the cable between the control cabinet and the robot, or if the battery on the main processor board is problematic. Dec. Where exactly am I supposed to be looking? I am waiting for the help of my masters.

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  • Do you mean the four big batteries in the base of the robot ?

    If so, look for corrosion of the batterybox and take it out and look at the outside as well. (The part that is normaly inside the robot.

    It has to be really clean.

    If the robot is still mastered, first write down the encodervalues because it is easier to work on this while the robot is powered down.

  • kluk-kluk,

    Yes, I'm talking about four large batteries on the robot. The battery case had oxidized due to liquid contact last month, and we had opened and cleaned it, and I had thoroughly cleaned the metal bearings where the batteries had settled. In fact, I couldn't repair some metal parts and found other solutions that would do the same job instead. After this procedure, the robot has already started to forget the calibration values every week. As you wrote, let me review and check the repairs I made again, you're right, I may not have been able to make a successful repair.

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