Thank You

  • This isn't a robot question per se, so I understand if mods want to take it down, but -

    Huge thank you to all of the contributors on this forum. I just completed my second robot integration and it wouldn't have been remotely possible without all of the information I've gleaned from this forum over the years. I just wanted to make sure that all yall know that the time you spend sharing your knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.

  • TitusLepic

    Thank you very much for your words.

    Sharing knowledge and experiences to people that we don't know about systems that we have to put together on our minds is a challenge. Being able to solve problems under those conditions using words and pictures is amazing.

    The satisfaction from that is unmeasurable.

    Just look at me, retired, on holidays in Uruguay and still checking what's going on in the forum

    Retired but still helping

  • I just replaced these guys.

    They were originally installed around the year 2000, they each had over 155,000 real working hours on them (77.5 man-years/77% running time).

    I couldn't have got the replacement done without the knowledge I've learned on this forum.

    Thank You!

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