Programming a back up robot for just in case includes dcs (fanuc)

  • Newbie here. So we have a pick place robot that places part in cnc. It has dcs parameters etc. we want to take all the programs from this and load it onto another identical (fanuc) robot. What files should be backed up in order to do this? Just tp? Or would you be able to just back up all of the above and restore it to the other? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys. :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

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  • It it is identical in all those manners above, then do the following.

    Take AOA backup, (backup of all files) of both robots.

    Take an image backup of both robots, as a precaution.

    Try restoring the AOA into the other robot. You will need to be in a controlled start in order to load the DCS files.

    I can't remember if Sysmast is in the AOA backup. If it is then you will need to reload the original file back on the robot.

  • So im going to refer to the backup robot as R2, and the robot that I am trying to get the programs from will be refered to as R1. I was told these robots were identical, but after looking into them they are not. I will list the information u asked for below. Thank you

    R1 pick place robot (no arcmate)

    Model- M-10ia 12

    Controller- R-30iB

    software- v8.30p/27

    Dcs- v3.5.6

    R2 (back up) arcmate

    Model- M-20ia

    Controller- R-30iB

    software- v8.10p/07

    Dcs- v3.1.0

    I will have to get the other information this evening to post that as well.

  • R2 (back up) seems to have arcmate 120ic as well as handlingtool 7DC1/07. It has some gripper type tooling on it from previous programs so i dont know if it was modified for that from a welding robot.

    R1 has Handlingtool 7DC3/27

  • so i see R2 software is older versions. Where would I reference software version compatibility in the future, or for study? Im very eager to learn. I appreciate your patience, and feedback.

  • Rule of thumb, if the major revision of software is the same, and same software type, then it is compatible.

    For example v8.1 is compatible with v8.3, but v9.1 is not compatible with v8.3. The number before the decimal is the major rev, and the number after the decimal is the minor rev.

    The software type can be HandlingTool, ArcTool, SpotTool, PalletTool, Paint tool.

    Also generally things are forwards compatible but not backwards compatible.

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