S4 Robot RAPID manual + Robotstudio S4 Lite

  • Hello all,

    A customer asked me to make a program for a very old ABB robot with a S4 controller.

    I started years ago programming with S4C+ and I would not like to do all the programming based on that S4C+ controller programming style to find that it can't work on a S4 robot.

    After copying a couple of files to the robot controller everything worked except the calls to SYS modules functions... I think I had to write GLOBAL in front of whatever function or procedure I wanted to call from different modules, but I can't be sure without some documentation.

    Do you have a manual for the S4 rapid programming?

    If you don't have a manual or you can't share it, can you explain me how should I write the function declaration in a sys module to make it visible in the program module loaded?

    Apart of that, a manual for the old "Robotstudio S4 Lite" would also be nice to have, I would like to create a virtual controller and send my programs there to get them checked by the robot compiler.

    Thank you very much.

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  • I don't need lots of functions, module (which I can program myself in case of need) and a few more, but in order to make the maintenance easier I'd like to ensure I can put the logic and the "library" functions in SYS modules common for all the programs... that is the most important thing to make it easy to maintain. Customer will make lots of programs and having logics and global functions copied in every program can be cumbersome.

    That's why I asked about the S4 Lite version, I could use the virtual controller to test the code in the 30 days demo version offered... I got it a gazillion years ago from ABB and never used it... I have not seen how to add a virtual controller there.

    Thanks for your messages Lemster68 !

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    The document is here.

  • Thank you Skooter , a long time passed since I worked with S4C+ and I really lost track to the naming of those manuals...

    I posted a copy of one of those manuals (user's guide) yesterday in the manuals forum... I should delete that one.

    Maybe adding in the topic of those posts that those manuals are for S4 controllers would help other users.

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