Hardware Safety Fault: DOOR1 (Cannot settle arm power fault on signal DOOR needs to be corrected and tested)

  • Hi Everyone - I have been struggling with the following error on my staubli cs8 for a while and as a consequence the arm does not get power until the error code is removed somehow.

    "Cannot settle arm power fault on signal DOOR1 needs to be corrected and tested.

    User emergency stop UEN1/DOOR1 activated:

    Controller status: A hardware fault was detected by the controllers robot safety level is reduced. Repair the faulty signal and active it to show that the hardware fault is solved. Then acknowledge the fault."

    I have farmed the manual and even swapped the F2 Fuse after following these steps:

    • Contact USEREN1/DOOR1, J109, 3-22/9-28
    • Internal voltage (24Vfus) for E-Stop lines is off.
      • If E-Stop lines are powered from CS8C:
        Check that there is no short circuit between E-Stop lines.
      • Change F2 fuse.
      • If E-Stop lines are powered from an external device:
      • Check that external 24 V is provided between J109-19 (+24 V) and J109-37 (0 V).
      • Check that there is no short circuit between E-Stop lines.
      • Change F2 fuse.

    This happened all off a sudden when I turned on the controller the following day. I really cannot afford to replace the RSI. I appreciate anyone's input.

  • Hello,

    Be carreful that, to show to the controller that the fault is finish, you need, for the doors signals :

    - solve the electrical issue.

    - commute the controller in Automatic Mode (because the doors are not controlled in Manual Mode!)

    - Open and close the door

    - acknoledge the default on pendant.

    Have a good day...

  • Galet - I am getting the error for USEREN1. All the wiring are fine. How can I remove the error? I cannot access the event remover, because I do not have access to the maintenance profile. I appreciate your help.

  • The manual say: "The Control panel application gives the various system characteristics. Certain characteristics can be modified such as The status of the emergency stop channels (ESOUT1 and ESOUT2)". How is it possible if I cannot switch profiles to remove the errors in the error logger?

  • Hello Painfull,

    Normaly, the pasword link to the Maintenance profil is standard. To know it, you can call to the concepteor of your cell, or Stäubli services.

    If this pasword has been changed, there is a other profil named Stäubli. Call Stäubli to have some help.

    But I don't thing that the problem is about the profil.

    On some versions of old SRC, there is a special procedure to delete issue files. While this procedure can be dangerous for your system, I don't want to explain it here. Call Stäubli to have good informations...

  • Hello,


    Contact USEREN1/DOOR1, J109, 3-22/9-28

    Be carreful, there is 2 signals for each informations !

    USEREN1 ( 3-22) and USEREN2 (4-23) need to be synchronized with the same voltage.

    DOOR1 (9-28) and 2 DOOR2 (10-29) also.

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