Continue with a program using PNS Method after an e-stop

  • Hi Everyone,

    We are using a Rockwell PLC and PNS method to run programs.

    Is it possible to continue with a program using PNS Method after an E-stop Situation?

    All UI Signals are exchanged with the PLC and PLC controls the starting sequence. Whenever there is an unplanned stopping situation, the program starts from the top.

    We don't use power locks on our cells. Whenever someone opens the door everything stops, this is specified by the customer.

    Is there a way to continue the program without starting from the top?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Yes.

    1. wait for any external estops to clear

    2. Pulse the reset signal

    3. Wait for the cmd enable input to turn on

    4. Pulse UI[6] start signal

    Do not send the abort signal (cstopi).

    Only use UI[18] to start from the top.

    Only use UI[6] to resume.

    Set start for resume only in the system config.

  • Thank you. I will try that.

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