Communication board for RJ3 controller

  • For the digital IO I would recomend the model A modules.

    That is a backplate A03B-0807-C002 (5 slot) or A03B-0807-C001 (10 slot).

    An interface module A03B-0807-C011.

    And the IO modules A03B-0807-C154 (16 output), A03B-0807-C104 (16 input), A03B-0807-C101 (32 input) and A03B-0807-C156 (32 output)

    There are other modules as well as analog IO.

    For the other things, I have no information for these.

  • ProfibusDP:

    1. Master board (mini slot): A20B-8100-0470.

    2. Slave board (mini slot): A20B-8100-0440

    Both the same as in R-J3iB.

    You also need the software:

    - A05B-2400-J751 ProfiBus DP Slave

    - A05B-2400-J752 ProfiBus DP Master

  • DeviceNet:

    1. Full Width Slot Mother Board with 1 Daughter Board: EE-3285-451

    2. Full Width Slot Mother Board with 2 Daughter Boards: EE-3285-452

    3. Full Width Slot Mother Board with 3 Daughter Boards: EE-3285-453

    4. Full Width Slot Mother Board with 4 Daughter Boards: EE-3285-454

    And software needed:

    - A05B-2400-J753: DeviceNet Interface scaner (Master&Slave)

    - A05B-2400-J754: DeviceNet Interface adapter (Slave)

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