DCS issues

  • My company bought a refurbished robot (M710iC/50 R30iA V7.70). We need DCS pos./speed check, so ordered option J567 through them. Got the PAC code, installed the option, got the following errors:

    SRVO-365 DCS FB_CMP alarm(G1,A6) 1,1

    SRVO-365 DCS FB_CMP alarm(G1,A4) 0,1

    SRVO-365 DCS FB_CMP alarm(G1,A3) 1,1

    SRVO-365 DCS FB_CMP alarm(G1,A2) 1,1

    SRVO-364 DCS PRMCRC alarm(G1) 1,1

    SYST-218 DCS Unavailable robot model G:1 Hex

    The one I'm concerned about is the Syst-2018 -

    SYST-218 DCS Unavailable robot model G:%x Hex

    Cause: "DCS Position/Speed Check Function" option is loaded, but this robot model is not supported. "i" is a hexadecimalvalue and each bit corresponds to a motion group.

    Remedy: Delete DCS Position/Speed Check option.This alarm can be cleared by setting $DCS_CFG.$SYS_PARAM to 1, but in this case, Position/Speed Check functioncannot be used.

    So if I'm understanding this right, Fanuc sold us an option that isn't supported by this robot? Has anybody ever dealt with this before? I'm waiting to hear back from them, but in the meantime if anybody else has any advice I'd be happy to hear it. I'm only on site for another day so I'm hoping to get a quick resolution to the issue.

  • This ended up having Fanuc tech support scratching their heads too. We think we have it partially figured out; my company bought this robot (and later, the J567 option) from an integrator who apparently mated a M710iC arm (originally with an R30iB controller) to a R30iA controller (originally with an R2000iA arm). Somewhere in there, the integrator messed something up - the Fanuc rep said that R30iA requires a reburn for DCS so he doesn't even know how they generated a PAC code for it. Of course since we went through an integrator Fanuc can't help me directly, they have to deal with the integrator who isn't returning calls or emails right now. :wallbash:

    So in short, the PAC code didn't work because you can't install DCS options on an R30iA controller with a PAC code.

  • One time I called for a Error code and at the end of the phone call they said I couldn't use D/I D/O. I'm like dude that's not even why I called it's worked with I/O for months, like wtf so I had to factory reset.

  • R30iA DCS is quite limited compared to V8 and later, I would try to work with the integrator to get an iB controller.

    IMHO, they should at the very least be able to supply a swap at cost.

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