Abb Irb 1400 robot

  • Hello everyone ,

    i have a problem with the Abb Irb 1400 robot. The robot doesn't want to weld in movc motion. If it saves e.g. 4 points it only does strain on the last one.

    From previous Motoman robot experience I know that I should do TCP calibration. The previous owner didn't do TCP calibration. The cleaning stations also have Bullseye. I don't know where to look for this Bullseye option or how it should be stored.

    This is an old 1996 robot.

    Thanks for any tips ;)

  • massula

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  • Start by making sure you have great calibration (all axes 0).
    You likely have the BaseWare 2.1 software. Look for the User's Guide BW2.1 found in the ABB manuals section - Lemster68 pinned it so you'll easily find it about 3/4 down on the first page.

    The User's Guide will give you the info on how to cal and set TCP and frames.

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