Automatic grid frame set

  • Trying on Roboguide to run the Irvision utilities -> Automatic Grid Frame set. I keep getting an error and abort "Robot Motion is too small" What does that mean and how to change it.

  • HawkME

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  • What is the exact error code?

    I'm guessing that means you need to increase the W and P range values.

    Also there is no real need to do auto grid frame set in Roboguide. You can't just directly enter the user frame.

  • Im having an issue with our work robot so I am trying to learn the process better thru roboguide, I normally calibrated with a pointer but was trying to get the Auto Grid and Camera Cal a try. When we would run the EXECUTE it would run the first few camera positions fine but then just want to flip the camera 180. I was able to get roboguide to finish a cal just so I could see what was going on.

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