3D Area Sensor

  • Looking for a sanity check. Recently became the owner of a bin picking process that was relocated into our facility. Having random issues with finding parts. It's using IRvision with a 3D area sensor. Everything was recalibrated after the relocation, but I'm concerned about the right camera. It calibrates good, but the mean error (.893) is almost twice that of the left camera (.526). Also when I look at the maximum point errors, a large majority of them are over 1.25 on the right camera. 36 out of 96 points. Doesn't seem right to me. Any thoughts?

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  • Good to know. I'll keep chipping away at it. Not sure why its not working consistently. I've improved on it picking layer by layer, but randomly I'll get short picks. Meaning the gripper doesn't reach deep enough into bin. Happening more often than it should.

  • Still struggling with this bin picking. We are picking 3/8" dia. tubes. Is it possible that the camera is seeing the edge of the radius, therefore giving a false z dimension? This would make sense for picks that are going too deep, but not for picks that are too short. Running out of ideas what to try next.

  • Off topick > Bin picking by fanuc is unfortunately not the best thing to use. From my own experience a third party solution is better. SICK for example with PLB520, or Zivid. The only difficulty is to program the communication with such a camera. Typically with SICK products you program TCP/IP communication in Karel. But the results with this camera are significantly better.unfortunately for Fanuc.

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