Dynamic modelling of T-gantry robot

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to make a dynamic model of pick-and-place manipulator called T-gantry.
    This robot consists of two servo drives connected with tooth belt and end effector, on a cross base.

    I've already assembled a dynamic model of an simplified model:


    That is described by a motion equation:

    (T1/r1) + (T2/r2) + F_ext = x'' * ( (J1/r1^2) + m + (J2/r2^2) ), where

    T1, T2 - torques of servos
    F_ext - external force
    x'' - acceleration of the mass
    J1, J2 - moments of inertia of servos

    m - mass

    r1, r2 - radii of the pulleys.

    Now I want to assemble a two equation model describing movement of end effector, where
    OUTPUT = acceleration in axis x and y, i.e. : x'' and y''

    INPUT = torques T1 and T2

    for this model:


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