M900ia/260L DeviceNet questions

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have M900ia/260L pick&place robot on our shop.

    I wanted to hook up multiple suction cups on the EE. What I did to our existing welding robot is that

    I connected solenoid to EE connector on the J3(5pin female) and control by RDO1(That robot is 120ib/10l)

    This robot, M900ia/260L, doesn't have EE connector on J3 or J1.(in the manual, it has 24 pin ee connector but I can't find it)

    It only has DS1,DP1 on J1 and DS2,DP2 on J3 which look like devicenet and unfortunately, I don't have any experience about devicenet.

    Can you guys give me any advice how to use devicenet in order to control suction cup?

    I just want suction cups ON and OFF by toggling bit in teach pendant. (We don't have PLC and no plan to install PLC as well)

    Any advice would be appreciate. Thank you

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