KUKA USA Webinar - Sim 4.x startup and basic training

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  • Interesting to know they will merge KUKA.Sim and WorkVisual in the future. I always wondered when something like this would happen.

    Hm! Similar to how ABB has RobotStudio set up? RS has both the robot setup/programming environment (free), and a full simulation engine (with paid license).

  • This was what I understood from the webinar. And make sense, at all, having just one software to manage the robots.

    I remember seeing some brochures in WorkVisual first days, showing a sort of simulator inside WoV. I was a thing called Visual Process or something like this.

    But in this case, I think WoV will be inserted inside KUKA.Sim, and it will work as RobotStudio. Some functions will be free, and some will require a license.

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