iRVision - Create User Frame based on Part Detection

  • Hello guys,

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a user frame which the Origin is the center of a detected part on iRVision. Let's say that I have a feature milled in a part and I want my origin to be the center of that feature, so all my future positions be related to that feature, is that possible with FANUC's iRVision?

    I thought about having the robot to move to the feature coordinates, do a LPOS and assign this as a frame but I wander is there is a easier way to do this.

    Thanks a lot! :thumbs_up:

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  • HawkME

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    Yes the LPOS trick will work but there is another way.

    1. in your vision process, set your offset frame to 0, for world frame. This is important because all user frames are defined relative to world.

    2. Ensure your z height is set correctly from world. Use a taught active pointer in world mode and touch off on the part and write down the z value.

    3. Run the vision program and set the new user frame = the VR found pos. It must be Found pos, not voffset.

    That's it. Just be aware that 2d vision will only give you X, Y, and R. The Z, W, and P values will always be fixed. But if you are working on a flat surface that should be ok. You may need to mechanically adjust the surface to make it level to the robots world frame.

    An alternate method exists using matrix multiplication that allows you to do the above procedure with the offset frame set to any user frame, not just world. The LPOS trick should also work with any user frame, but you must do the move in that frame, then switch to world before recording LPOS.

  • Thanks! It worked great! So about the Z height I just need to assign the value manually to the PR before assigning the New UF, right?

  • HawkME by chance kind of to add to this my company has been thinking about getting Robot vision and I don't have roboguide to practice with it any tips/video/forms to read?


    For what robot brand? Fanuc irVision is a very different thing than, say, connecting a Cognex camera to a Fanuc robot. Same task, but very different implementation.

    If you're specifically interested in irVision, there are a lot of YouTube videos by various parties that explain different aspects of irVision. And if you sign up with Fanuc for a CRC account, you can access Fanuc's archives of webinars and training videos, as well as the manuals.

    There's also multiple types of irVision, using different types of sensors, so you want to narrow your search based on your specific process requirements.

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