• Hi all.I wanted to know if someone could give me some information on the LOGBOOK file of the Fanuc robots...in particular I would like to know how to extend the "recording" time to several days...when I download the data onto the USB stick it goes only 1/2 hours back...is there maybe some system variable or setting to change? is there a way to decide what information it logs? it's full of useless and repetitive information like this :

    Run FWD P13841V2 , 50


    06-MAY-22 07:35 :22


    Run FWD P13841V2 , 49


    06-MAY-22 07:35 :22

    repeated hundreds of times....

    the file reset when the robot is turned off?

    I thank all those who can give me some more information or some useful links ... I searched a lot on the internet and also in this forum but I found almost nothing ...


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  • Lemster68

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  • Check $LOGBOOK variable group, inside there are specific items that can be enabled/disabled.

    In your situation should be $LOG_PRGEXE 0, I think?

    Check "Software Reference Manual" or could guess some by the names.

    There are variables to set how much space should be left in controller memory after logbook buffer(otherwise buffer is deleted).

    $DRAM_MARGIN, $SRAM_MARGIN - kilobytes. But didn't have any need to change it, filtering works fine.

    I don't think it resets after power off.

  • Thanks for the reply!I also found this thread about it :

    I will also study the great book of variables! :winking_face: :smiling_face:


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