Go to HOME position using UOP

  • Hello Guys!! I need your help :help:

    With the help of 3 external buttons I want to make my robot START, STOP the program as well as MOVE to HOME position.

    With the help of UI4 i can STOP the program and with UI6 i can START the program. I have configured these UI to DI.

    Now my problem is the HOME position. I can see UI7 is for the home. But it does not work when I make it high.

    I have also configured my HOME position by MENU - SETUP - Ref Position - At number 1.

    I also notice as soon as I reach my home position maually UO7 gets HIGH. Without going to the HOME position I cannot even START and STOP my program.

    But I want the robot to go to HOME pos when I press a button

    Thanks in advance.

  • kwakisaki

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