• Hi experts !

    Hi experts!

    i see many "DEF" is created with variables :IN or :OUT

    i really tried to find out about them. but still not understand

    plz explain it to me, many thanks

  • kwakisaki

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  • Also that program is not called "DEF", its WRITE_CM_SETTING.

    GLOBAL allows the program to be called from outside that file

    DEF/END is the start and end of the program

    WRITE_CM_SETTING is the name of the program which u can call with WRITE_CM_SETTING(*,*) Replace * with actual variables

    SETTINGS_IDX:IN is the integer you want to send into the program.

    VALUES[]:OUT is the integer array you return with that program

    All of this can easily be found in Kuka Operating and Programming Manual

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