Safe Distance Calculations ?

  • Normally, we write a "Pre Start Health and Safety Report" for each machine. The most important part of which is the well known "safe distance calculations".

    I don't understand how to write one for a Cobot, since it does not stop when someone is near.

    Does anyone have any experience with Safety documentation for Cobots (running in Cobot mode only) ? If not Safe distance then, is there any other kind of documentation I could present ?

    Just wanted to have a quick discussion and get some direction here.

    Thank you.

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    As far as I know, a Cobot does not need a stopping distance, as long as it is properly configured.

    "Properly Configured" mostly applies to the "Power and Force Limitation" -- as long as the Cobot is sufficiently limited in this regard, it can be counted on to stop on contact before doing harm. Note: Some Cobots can have their "Collaborative" Mode turned on/off from inside their program, and when Collab Mode is inactive, the robot needs to be treated like a "big iron" robot.

    Also, whatever the robot is carrying must be part of the risk assessment, using the guidelines in RIA 15.06. In previous experience, putting a screwdriver on a Cobot made the robot no longer "Collaborative", b/c the P&F Limit could not be set low enough to get below the force/area ratio allowed under the RIA spec.

    So, if any human contact is covered by PFL, after performing the risk assessment, then stopping distance should be irrelevant.

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