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  • Hi guys, I'm doing a little project with staubli and I came across the moment that I need a workspace, but I couldn't find how to define the size, coordinates, etc of this workspace.
    I've already studied extensively and I can't find it, would you know how it works or somewhere I can be studying more?

    If it's a manual, could you attach it, please? the manuals I have were not useful to me in this activity

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  • Hello Ycrideas,

    With Val3, it's really easy to build workspace...but you need to program all the functionnality (even if i remeber that you have an example on the Stäubli webside).

    First is to decide if the workspace is to protect human (and you need to use Safety functionnality) or not).

    In the second case :

    - Read the robot position (hereJ() or here(...). You can read the joint position or cartesian position of all tool in all frame.

    - Compare the coordinates memorized to the volume (all form, in all the frame you want)

    - Send the result to a bool variable or directly to an Output.

    - If you want, you can add this calcul in a "loop" program called in a task (taskcreate)

    For example, for 1 cube, the program WorkSpace()

    To run the functionnality :

    taskCreate "WorkSpaceTsk",100,WorkSpace()

    With this method, you can create all the form, as much as you want...

    Have a nice day...

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