SP1 Reference Order

  • Hello,

    I bought an used TX60L with its CS8 controller (230V9. However, I don't have its pendant. I have been looking for some used pendant. But I have found some SP1 with different order reference.

    Are all the SP1 order references compatible with the CS8 controller? What are the differences between the SP1_D_211_426_02, the SP1_D_211_421_02 or the SP1_D_211_399_02?


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  • Hi,

    i asked the same question six months ago and the reply is that they are all compatible. i bought one on ebay without checking and it's working perfectly.

    hope it will help you.

  • Hello to everybody,

    Personaly, I never had compatibility problem with all version of SP1 on CS8.

    ... but, why you don't ask directly this question to Stäubli service ?

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