Robotic cell - Layout planning training

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    I am interested to know if there are any special training courses available specific for the robotic cell layout planning. Positioning the robot with reference to the system and planning collision, axis limits, optimized operation.

    I remember one available with KUKA, trying to get to know if there are interesting learning materials available.


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  • I've never actually heard of anything as specific as this as any training course offering but it would usually fall under the banner of the OLPS the OEM have available, including third party ones like RoboDK.

    In general, they could be referred to as reach studies.

    So you get the dimensional drawings of the proposed cell layout and CAD models of the cell hardware like safety fences, conveyors, EOAT etc and then build the project using one of the OLPS and then carry out reach studies to find which robot (reach and payload) and also integrate configurations and programming as part of a proposal, or indeed a complete offline design tool to build the cell virtually and transfer configuration and programming data then to real world.

    Depending on your budget and robot flavour then just a case of contacting a specific supplier, there's really a huge list (to mention a few).

    OEM Specific:

    - Kawasaki

    - Fanuc

    - ABB

    - KUKA

    Third Party/Universals (which are no substitute for the OEM offerings as they do cover ALL functionality):

    - RoboDK

    - Visual Components

    - Process Simulate

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