graphical interface for irc5?

  • hello, I m new to the forum and I need some help to understand this problem. We have bought an abb irb 6700 175/3.05 and I would like to control irc5 controller via computer through a graphical interface. We only have Pc interface module so I cannot access the controller via internet but only with a lan cable.
    I can do it with robotstudio and it works but I would like to create a proper interface on a notebook and control the robot via lan putting modules on that computer and execute it from it without having to pass it on the controller.

    Is it possible? what software do I need and can I do it by a notebook without a plc?

    thank you very much!!!! :smiling_face:

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  • kwakisaki

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  • Understand what "problem"?

    To begin with, are you familiar with C#?

    If so, look up all the SDK's that ABB provides. (Robotstudio-, PC SDK etc)

    There are probably a million ways to control/provide the robot with data from a PC for example.

    Probably the only answer which maybe is edible for you is that No, you're probably not going to need a PLC. (Depending on what you would like to achieve of course)

  • Thanks! Sorry for my bad english :smiling_face:
    I saw yesterday that Abb provides sdk, I downloaded it and installed for visual studio code, but I hoped that I could find another way because I personally don't know c#.
    In this case I have to call a friend who help me with coding. :smiling_face:

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