How can I live monitoring the pendent using PC,

  • Good Evening All,

    I am just wondering if there is a way that I can live monitoring the pendant. For example, I would like to see the live program running step and compare it with live video, then I know which program takes longer cycle time and which position/hand shake can be adjusted or removed.

    Thank you!

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  • I have r30ib not plus, it have i pendent option but not remote i pendant option

    TPIF-249 R843 Remote iPendant required.

    Cause: This operation requires R843 Remote iPendant option.

    Remedy: Load the Remote iPendant option R843

  • You could profile your code by creating a karel function that tracks how long each step takes. So, at several places in your code, you call the function, which writes (to a file on the usb drive) the current $FAST_CLOCK, and a short note saying where in the code it's being called for. e.g.

    345345,read timestamp

    345400,read item

    Then collect a as many runs of the program as you can, analyse the data and determine which parts are slow.

  • If you connect the robot to the ethernet network, simply type the IP address in the web browser, using edge or explorer and you will see the robot's web server.

    There you can fin an option called PC REMOTE iPENDANT ACCESS

    then you can click the Monitor iPendant (ECHO)

    And that is it.

    Remember to add the IP addres of the robot to your trusted sites.

    Robotics Specialist

  • Also remember that it will ask for authentication.

    You can unlock completelly the access through "Host Comm", there it will be a panel where access can be unlocked, I usually unlock the access when working and then lock it again when done.

    If you are using Roboguide, you can also re-serialize the robot, add the "IrProgrammer" option if it's not included on the robot backdate.dt and after this, then you can open the IrProgrammer pendant.

    It's a web-based pendant where you can edit code like an IDE... if you have that option you can also open it through the same webpage.

    I know this doesn't solve anything regarding online access unless the option is included on the real robot, but I find it very usseful when coding, much better than programming with the virtual teach pendant or writting the ascii code in notepad and compiling every time...

    You can also run the code there step by step and even move PR points without the need to copy and paste every coordinate, only ctrl+c and ctrl+v on the point itself and coordinates and turn/fut/nut configs can be copied.

    It has some bugs but for me at least is usseful.

  • Hallo Together,

    i bought the IR Programmer option to login in teach pandet on webbrowser. and it was also worked.
    at that time robot was in europ. Now robot is in USA. and i am getting error as in attchment.

    i have ib mate plus controller. Fanuc suggesting to buy a software option called R843 Remote ipandet.
    i think i do not required this option. there is something other issue.

    it would be nice if you share your idea.

  • Well I noticed it was a local IP address so I was just making sure you weren't trying to connect to a local address when your not in the same continent.

    Do you have a PC local to the robot that you are connecting to over team viewer?

  • i was trying to connect robot with another LAN Port not a local.

    Well, there is one pc with maschine and maschine is intergrated with robot.

    The CPU has 2 Ethernet Port.
    1st Port(LAN) is used for Locl internet with (164.4.148.*)

    2nd Port/LAN(192.168.1.***) is connected with robot controller ethernet PORT 1.(192.168.1.***)

    so robot is directly not connect to the local network.
    In host Comm of roboter the following setting i have done when robot was in europ and it worked.

    Port 1 IP addr: 192.168.1.***

    Subnet :

    PC JOG iP: 192.168.1.***(which is same as pc Port 2 ip )

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