ROS2: Is it worth it?

  • Is ROS2 worth it? 7

    1. Yes (3) 43%
    2. No (3) 43%
    3. Someday (1) 14%

    I have robots from different manufacturers that I would like to work with one another in a manufacturing assembly line. Is there any software other than ROS2 recommended for mixed robot use? Has anyone had experience with ROS? I'm hiring software developers on fiverr and they are claiming its more difficult than typical arduino programming.

    I see a github for cartesian robot library but not sure if it will work with my cartesian robot?

    GitHub - fzi-forschungszentrum-informatik/cartesian_controllers: A set of Cartesian controllers for the ROS1 and ROS2-control framework.
    A set of Cartesian controllers for the ROS1 and ROS2-control framework. - GitHub - fzi-forschungszentrum-informatik/cartesian_controllers: A set of Cartesian…

    I see ROS1 for one of my robots:

    GitHub - rakutentech/dorna_arm_ros
    Contribute to rakutentech/dorna_arm_ros development by creating an account on GitHub.

    I am not finding any cognex integrations?

    To someone new to robotics it seems like ROS makes sense but it doesn't seem that popular with the veterans. It also seems like a pain to setup, why aren't more robots programmed/deployed in the cloud? A brand agnostic software solution seems easier to use then learn multiple manufacturers solutions. Also many of my favorite chinese bots are setup for ROS.

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  • I have never seen anyone use it in real world manufacturing applications. It appears to be more of an academic pursuit.

    In the real world you must use proven and reliable methods with a wide network of support available. The big robot brands meet these needs with their proprietary languages. Also I have found adding a layer of abstraction can cause bugs and severe limitations from the native code, which causes the programmer to end up learning both the native code and abstraction (ROS in this case).

    Do an internet search for "Leaky abstraction" to understand why these systems are a poor idea in practice.

  • don't use ROS and never even looked into it. don't see why should i spend the precious resource - time, on something i don't need since i do have all resources and wealth of knowledge on my side, in my own corner. pretty sure the same goes for many others.

    like all open source products - it cannot compete with raw power of commercial products because those are backed by money constantly poured in. the only way open source products may be on pair is when functionality is limited and well defined or if the open source product is backed by a large company.

    when open source product is released, it is meant to gather interest of enthusiasts that know enough to manipulate it, enhance it and add features - at least for their own use.

    on the other hand large majority of open source users don't know diddly squat about programming and have to put up with limitations of release until someone else decides to modify or add feature they need. but that means WAITING for someone knowledgeable, enthusiastic AND with a ton of free time on their hands.

    if you do not have time to wait, you go with commercial product.

    if you do not have access to somethign free that already does the job, you go with commerical product.

    if you do not know how to build it yourself you go with commercial product.

    and if you want open source product that is not developed you get something like this. one side is what you got, on the other is what you want.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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