Touch sensing

  • Hi there,

    I am working on a welding project, I have to weld boxes and I need to use touch sensing.

    My problem is that I have 20 different box sizes, each box has 5 welds, so I need 5 touch schedules and 5 PR for each program! And as far as I know with RJ3, I am

    Limited to 32 touch schedules and 32 PRs only.

    Can I re-use the same touch schedule in different programs? How about PRs? Can I re-use them as well?

    Any thought? Thank you in advance 🙏🏼

  • hi

    look in the control start "program setup" you can increase the max number of PR,R,UTOOL,....

  • The problem is that you are limited with the Fanuc Touch Sensing..

    Touch Sensing has the Problem that the Master Values are stored with the Touch/Search Schedule.

    Even if you can increase the schedules too lets say 60, it won´t help you that much.

    You have to write your own search program with High Speed Skip and PR´s. Than you can search "unlimited".

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