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  • I know this model is at least 20 years old. I just need some info on programming it for 10 simple welds. I have never worked with kawasaki before and was looking for some info on the basics of this robot.

    As for the download center it requiers a Kawasaki sales person email in order to register, but since this robot is so old I think its at least at the third owner.

  • No I'm not from the UK

    That's a shame............ :bawling:

    Kawasaki has 2 types of programming available:

    1. BLOCK Teaching which is all programming using the teach pendant.

    - Move the robot to the position, set the motion, accuracy and io parameters and record the step.

    - Do this sequentially to build your program.

    2. AS language which is all code based.

    - Requires advanced programming knowledge and programmed using a laptop online/via OLP KRoset.

    If the Kawasaki has not been butchered and has the dedicated arc welding hardware and has been wired up as per Kawasaki dedicated arc weld systems, then the dedicated programming format in BLOCK or AS language will also be arc weld specific, which will allow automatic control of the weld power source for voltage/current/wire feed controls of the power source and wire feed unit.

    The simplest method is BLOCK as standard the Kawasaki is usually setup for this and this method is literal move the robot to the required position and set the parameters and record it for the step.

    eg. just like taking a series of photographs of each individual robot position.

  • Pity you were not in the UK as I could offer a visit and some tuition/assistance as I do this for a living.

    I do offer remote support on a 'purchased bulk hours' which you buy x amount of hours of support from me and you use those hours for training, tech support and assistance.

    Use my contact form of my website in my signature if you would like to discuss further.

  • Hey kwakisaki, any ideea if it is possible for this type of robot and TP to turn off, the arc failure error?

    The welding source connected to the robot is just connected with 2 wires, I can use WS but it will give a arc failure error restart the arc, but because there is no input from the welding source it just fails.

    I also tried using a DO but the arc or the execution of the DO is done before the robot arives at the end of the motion. Thus it tries to start the arc in mid air. Any advice is welcome :grinning_squinting_face:

  • Hey kwakisaki, any ideea if it is possible for this type of robot and TP to turn off, the arc failure error?

    Why would you want to mask this out, that makes no sense at all.......... :hmmm:

    Why are people constantly trying to circumvent errors instead of setting the system up correctly in the first place............... :hmmm:

    Set the system up correctly, so that if the power source goes into error, then welding is stopped by the arc failure error, that is what it is there for.............. :hmmm:

    The robot is not receiving the output from weld power source to say current is flowing.

    So the output from the power source needs to be wired into the dedicated 1GN board input to resolve.

    I can use WS but it will give a arc failure error restart the arc,

    This will be because of the retry settings set in the weld condition parameters.

    You have a dedicated arc weld specification system, so if it's installed correctly, has the correct hardware installed and wired correctly you want have ANY issues.

    A standard basic old school system would have:

    - Voltage and Current analog outputs wired to the power source.

    - A weld start output wired to the power source.

    - A current flow input wired from the power source.

    - A torch interference (torch collision) already configured to the controller.

    These are all available on the 1GN board and digital IO board.

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