Industrial robot ABB IRB2000 with M93A cotrol unit

  • Hi guys im new here, anyone can help with the above topic i am looking to buy this robot and was wondering how difficult would it be to programm/run it? Any help/info appreciated! :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

  • massula

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  • Please note the following opinion is from someone who has worked on / rebuilt many of these and is still stuck carrying this old information around in his head.

    I would only consider it if it was a complete running unit with some spare parts and very inexpensive (almost free).

    There is very little chance you will find any offline programming still in existence.

    Floppy drives are not IBM-compatible so you won't be able to easily read program backup files offline and the parameter files are unreadable.

    S3 Parameters and the Arla instruction set were at their best in the M93A but it's very limited compared to anything newer.

    The M93A S3 shares many parts with the S4 but those parts may be much harder to find as time goes on.

    I suggest downloading & reading the M93 IRB2000 manuals found >here< and the programming manual found >here<.

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