Electromechanical Servo Press Drive

  • I have a feeling this is available from some other manufacturer at much lower cost especially since I only need 3kN of force. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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  • It's a standard linear servo. The catch is the power rating, and what external controls it needs -- it'd be easy to buy one of these without buying the drive module the servo motor requires.

    Or, you could buy just the mechanical part and add your own motor, if you want to take the technical risk.

    Then there's the question of whether you want to use a servo motor and rely on its feedback, or if you want to add a linear encoder for more direct feedback.

  • Units without feedback aee low cost and plenty to choose from. but how do you plan on stopping? Always go full stroke? Without feedback this is not a servo so it wil not stop quickly, repeatably or precisely

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  • I have worked with Kistler servo presses, those will be way more expensive than that.

    And I have worked with EWELLIX solutions, with external load cells, this one might be cheaper. But dont know how cheap you want it to be...

    If you want real cheap, just grab some ball screws from eBay, add a servomotor from aliexpress and some load cells and off you go.

    Or get an arbor press and couple a servo to the drive handle.

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