About getting Robot hold signal

  • Hello...im using Fanuc M-10iD manipulator and R-30iB mate plus controller for simple pick and place small application..

    Here in robot I'm getting hold via SOP signal..if i turn off this signal it's directed turn on after 3 secs...

    How to solve that ..

    Im using Hard wire method for communication with PLC and there is no any external hold signal coming in UOP signal...

    Im trying to take auto cycle...but this hold signal is coming....how to remove that....

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  • *IMSTP, *HOLD, and *SFSPD are all normally OFF signals that must be held ON. Your PLC needs to hold these 3 UOP input signals ON to run in AUTO.

    See User Operator Panel (UOP) I/O Setup in HandlingTool manual for more details.

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