Voice Coil Rotary Actuator Gripper?

  • Looking at these voice coil linear rotary actuator:

    VLAR Series - DH-Robotics
    The VLAR series of voice coil linear rotaty actuators from DH-Robotics are compact and thin in design, with a hollow axis design. Their unique Z-axis linear…


    Has anyone used one of these before? Any drawbacks? What is the difference between magnetic encoder and optical encoder? It doesn't look like it uses vacuum.

  • I have used the SMAC-MCA voice coil actuator to test threads with a gauge, those seem to be copies of the SMAC ones (even the name, SMAC has a LAR model, those are VLAR..).

    The difference in the encoders should be on the resolution, compare the spec sheets for each.


  • These are some of the coolest end effectors I have seen. Is there a big difference between various models? They all look the same for simple pick place applications. The level of precision is well beyond our needs, we deal in millimeters. How heavy of an item can something like this pickup? I think I saw somewhere 0.5kg?

  • The one I used was moving around 200mg of tool (thread gage plus a flex coupler).

    The SMAC was programmed in a specific language(almost on the assembly level), most of the code could be generated with a new at the time tool from them, but it had its learning curve.

    It was sized for our application, you choose from a couple models, if the range of motion and payload fits then using a larger one wont gain you anything.

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