YRC1000 how do I tell the PLC that the robot is in a certain interference zone

  • Hi I have a GP-25 YRC1000 Robot and I am trying to set up a way for the PLC to know that the robot is in certain Cube/Axis Interference zones.

    I currently have it setup in a concurrent job like so



    DIN B058 SOUT#(58) // CUBE/AXIS INTR2

    DIN B059 SOUT#(59) //CUBE/AXIS INTR3


    DOUT OT#(153) B058 //PURGE_ZONE

    DOUT OT#(154) B059 //NEST_ZONE


    Jump *Loop


    Is this the proper way of doing it so that the PLC can see where the robot is or is there a better way.

    I tried through ladder editor but it was giving me an error when trying to output to #30243 external output

    Thank you

  • Hi

    Yes use concurrent job is one of methods for this work.

    Other method is use ladder editor, if you give error that is because the output address used in a BMOV instruction. For solve this problem check same as bellow:

    STR #70017

    BMOV #10010,510,#30030

    If you see the address #30243 is in this instruction. You must take out from it and use one by one.

    If you don't have knowledge to edit ladder don't use this method.

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