Delayed execution after motion statement

  • Hello,

    I have experienced a strange issue working on an R-30iB Plus. As shown in the video, the robot will reach a motion statement, complete it, and then seemingly do nothing. The length of this delay is quite long, a minute or even longer. It has occurred in multiple programs, not just the one shown in the video. There are 2 robots, only one of which is experiencing this issue. Their programs are mostly identical, the one experiencing the issue has fewer programs to run. The programs it is running when it these delays occur are identical to the ones on the other robot. It has gone away at the moment but I'd like to be able to prevent from happening later on down the road.

  • The programs called before do have wait statements for inputs; those inputs have to be satisfied before the programs continue though so the motion statement wouldn't have run if it were stuck on the wait statements (and it is at the point that the motion statement would move it to).

    To clarify whats in the video: it stopped after executing the motion statement. There are no wait statements or computationally intensive instructions in between that motion and the next. Another engineer at my workplace suggested it could be related to speed change programs we're using so I will be testing that at the next opportunity.

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