Multiple Faults when trying to run an Arc Welding with multiple tasks

  • I am struggling with this one. I believe it has to be an issue with the arc welder but I can't seem to find any problems. I wrote some code that requires two tasks. One is set to normal and one is set to semi-static. This is an older IRC5, RW5.16. When I try to run my code I get the following faults:

    40204: Value error


    Task tAwSys_1: Array index 0

    for dimension number 1 out of bounds


    40228: Execution error


    The execution of task tAwSys_1 has been stopped by a runtime error 40204

    10048: Background task did stop


    The task tAwSys_1 stopped without reason.

    From what I can tell, tAwSys_1 has something to do with the Lincoln Electric welder but I'm not sure why I am getting these faults. If anyone has any experience with these faults please let me know.


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