Perform tasks in restricted DCS zone?

  • Hi guys,

    We have a setup, where a CRX is manually controlled via RMI by an operator for basic Vision camera alignment. In order for not to break things up, I have set up a restricted DCS zone, which is disabled with TP program via NSI (like "DO on = zone OFF") after successful Vision recognition and the robot enters the area by itself. After performing its job, it is retracted back with another TP program and the DCS "no-go area" is switched back on.

    However, there's a slight glitch - if we lose controller power with the robot in the zone, it gets stuck there (the NSI input which turns off the zone recovers its zero state after bootup - we need the inputs to behave like this due to other reasons and stuff connected to the controller).

    Is there any way to switch the zone on&off with a TP program while the robot is in the restricted area (and TP programs seem that they cannot be executed at the moment)? I would only like to run the program for retracting from the restricted zone, not any other.

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