srvo-154 HVAL (CNV-DC) (g:1 a:1)

  • Hi All

    First post but this forum has been SO helpful in the past as a surfer so thankyou.

    I know this is a really old robot, its a fanuc M410iwx on an RJ2 controller, but I would like to get a bit more life out of her yet if poss. I kept getting SRVO 150 error first then it developed the SRVO 154 after I opened up the cpu to check out the cooling fan.

    So far I have measured the voltage into the cpu at the connector input and its 239v, and also changed the cpu for a good second hand one (sold as working by a company at least). The SRVO-154 continues with the new CPU in place and also the SRVO 150 came back and went again after a switch off and on again.

    The old cpu showed a 2 in the display, the new one does not show a number.

    I'm a bit lost now but would really appreciate any input from members who may have had this in the past.



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  • Welcome to the forum.......... :beerchug:

    Just referencing the manual(s) information on those error codes and a logical thought process relative to the controller electrical design and hardware (not experience).

    SRVO-150 refers directly to the fan, but could be the result of another error or the fan itself.

    SRVO-154 also points to a SRVO-044 which is related to the DC supply of the amplifier(s) exceeding specifications.

    DC bus is derived from the incoming source supply.

    If the incoming supplies are unbalanced due to higher incoming phases, then the DC derived from this could be exceeding the specification values.

    I think each amplifier is supplied directly from the incoming mains, therefore this error could be amplifier dependent - The error code should also refer to a particular joint(s).

    In addition to this, whilst the robot is moving and joints are dynamically changing direction, speeds, acceleration and deceleration etc.

    The back emf (regeneration voltage) can cause the DC bus to exceed levels and therefore a regeneration discharge circuit is used to dissipate the excess DC over a resistor.

    So this error can viewed from a couple of perspectives:

    1. Is this error produced when the robot is stationary and not moving or energised.

    2. Is this error produced when the robot is moving.

    3. Is there a specific axis that is faulting out whilst moving, or stationary.

    If it is 1.

    - Definitely check the incoming 3 phase supply and also the output from the transformer.

    - It suggests one of your phases is not balanced and probably higher than acceptable values.

    - Definitely check the regeneration unit is wired correctly and not faulty.

    If it is 2.

    - Definitely check the regeneration unit is wired correctly and not faulty.

    - Check it the error is occurring around the same location(s) in T1 and Auto.

    - Slow the robot down and see if the error repeats itself or operates ok.

    - Check the load on the robot arm is not exceeding specifications.

    If it is 3.

    - Definitely check the regeneration unit is wired correctly and not faulty.

    - Change the amplifier.

    I would not be try and overcome the issues by changing any settings at this stage, merely try and troubleshoot and focus on where/when this issue is occurring.

  • Thankyou for coming back to me on this, it is happening from the off and the error wont reset to allow movement, I will check the three phases at each point next. The reason I hadn't before is that the 3 phase supply at the bottom of each amplifier and cpu does not appear to be applied until the contactors pull in, which cant occur due to the error status, it wont reset, so I assumed it must be the 240v supply.

    Really appreciate your feedback on this. Can you point me in the direction of the regeneration unit please, I haven't come across that before.



  • Thankyou for your help on this. Having got to the bottom of the issue now and back to using a working robot again I can confirm the following findings

    SRVO-150 does indeed appear to be the fan in the top of the cpu. It looked fine but the run signal must have been weak or lost due to the age of the fan.

    SRVO-154 was a bit misleading, one of the control connections to the first servo amplifier was the cause, probably due to me decoupling the amplifier from the cpu next to it in order to fit a new old one.

    Cheers All


  • Glad to hear you've resolved it.

    It is common across ANY device really that have error codes to remember:

    - Usually the error is a RESULT of a problem, not necessarily the problem referenced in documentation.

    - OEM's cannot provide symptoms/errors to all scenarios when in the field.

    - So at least having some documentation in the first place is always beneficial to start with.

    Thanks for reporting back your findings, this information will be useful to visitors and members for the future, including myself...... :top:

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