Mastering with dial gauge

  • kr210-2/krc2/KSS 5.x.x


    Due to lack of an EMT device I would like to master my robot with a dial gauge. I see that dial gauges from KUKA are 0.01mm accuracy.

    1. Can I get similarly accurate results with an adapted 0.001 mm dial gauge?

    2. Is there something else going on in the backrgound when mastering with an EMT, like compensating for movement of robot from transmitting the signal, to receiving and stopping of the motor?

    3. Can I save the current mastering and load it, in case I get worse results with the new mastering?

  • Any decent dial gauge should suffice. You are not trying to measure an absolute value, but find the bottom dead center of the Mastering Pin V-Notch.

    The trick is that the Mastering Gauge (see attached diagram) built into the robot axis is spring-loaded to retract, so your dial adapter must apply enough force to overcome that spring, without applying enough force to do damage. You can get a feel for this by pressing the Gauge Pin in by hand (use a plastic tool, not metal!).

    To get the best results, always perform the Mastering while jogging the robot in a consistent direction. The paint marks on the axis mark the start position for this motion, not the actual Mastering position.

    NEVER jog the robot quickly when anything is extending the Mastering Gauge Pin. 1%, maybe 3% max. And never leave the MGP extended while moving the robot over distance. If the MGP is damaged at all... well, kiss your ability to Master the robot goodbye.

    As far as I know, there's no ability to save a Mastering and then re-load it later.

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