VRS1B Servo communication protocol

  • Hi all,

    This year i started working with a Kuka robot arm at work (KRC2), im getting along with the thing and had the opportunity to buy an KUKA VK120 with a VRS1B controller. I bought it for my own workshop.

    It powers up, gets stuck in boot, showing VRS 1 and thats it. I have got plenty of manuals to dig through and only had a couple hours to spend with it. First step will be removing the Relay and opto-in cards that once were hooked up to its tool (all wires have been brutally snipped). Could be one of the reasons why the controller freezes.

    I am really wondering though; what is the communication protocol between the motherboard and the servodrives? I found the clock and data wires and the manufacturer of the servo drives (Sieb & Meier) was friendly enough to send all the documentation they had on the drives. This did not include communication protocol. There is a Clock line + / - and a Data line + / -.

    I'd like to change the motherboard with something that is more modern and at least has a USB port :S . Does anybody have any info about this communication protocol? In that case i could check if it makes any sense (scope) when i manage to get motors running.

    Thanks a lot.


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