R-30+B Mini Plus, JRM18 jumpers.

  • Hello

    I have got a little question.

    I was trying to connect Kemppi welder to Cobot, but I'm pretty much sure I messed up something with security jumpers in JRM18 plug.

    In order to use CRX with no fence open signals and emergency stop signals, there has to be used JRM18 plug with presoldered "safety" jumpers.

    But as I was connecting mentioned welder, I desoldered those and robot has stopped to operate (of course I didn't write down how they were connected 😕)

    On a teach pendant there are several errors being displayed: SRVO-001, 002, 004, 007, 271.

    So according to the manual I made jumpers between EXT24V and 24V-2, EXT0V and 0V, EAS1 and 24V-2, EAS2 and 0V, EES1 and 24V-2, EES2 and 0V.

    SRVO-002 is about emergency stop on a teach pendant, but reseting the konb does not give any result.

    But after reconnecting JRM18 none of those errors disappeared.

    So, does enyone know, how those jumpers are configured as default?


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  • The JRM18 connector normally has the bridges

    24VEXT_IN to 24V-2

    0VEXT to 24V-2

    EES1 to 24V-2

    EES2 to 0V

    EAS1 to 24-2

    EAS2 to 0V

    So you configured them correct. Are none of the connections lose?

  • 0VEXT to 24V-2

    Shouldn't it be like 0VEXT to 0V?

    None of those connections aren't lose.

    All fuses have been checked.

    There are photos of error codes displayed on teach pendant and how the JRM18 is soldered.

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  • This might help?

    I know for ours that's how we bypassed our fence so we could work on the robot. But our robot is old and I know noting about cobots and that's more wires then what was in ours. I would probably call Fanuc.

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