GOT1000 project to GOT2000 - RV6-SD

  • Hi all,

    I have a HMI GT15/GOT1000 panels - GT1585-STBA and GT1575-VTBA with robot RV-6SD. I am using GT designer 3 GOT1000 and I want to change setting "GOT type series GOT1000" to "GOT2000", becouse I want to use features "View receipe". Features is not available for GOT1000 set. Can I do it ? Is it safe ?

    Thank you for advice.

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  • kralikbo

    Changed the title of the thread from “GOT1000 project to GOT2000 - SD” to “GOT1000 project to GOT2000 - RV6-SD”.
  • I think main problem is different type of "GOT type". We have a model GT15, not contain this model in GOT2000. Can I change to enother model (GT27 and more) in project ? I think, this is problem.

  • i just did the conversion from GT14 to GT27 (320x240 res to 1024x768 res) without any problem, once you select GOT2000 in type setting in System tab, it will close GOT1000 verion of GTdesigner and reopen your soft in GOT2000 version, than you will click throug short wizard helping you with conversion and its done.

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