Exporting Program Files As Text Files For Desktop Viewing

  • I am having a hard time pulling program files in a format that can be viewed on my desktop. In file explorer, because the file name ends with .917 (917 being the program number) it believes .917 is the file type. How do I convert program files to a text file that is readable on desktop applications?


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  • The file name ending with .917 is Work Program (Executable format). The Robot language program(Source program) ending with -A.917 is a text file editable on a PC.

    The method to Convert the Work program to Robot language is as below

    Service->Program Conversion->Language->Select Source->(Source<-Exe)-->Select Appropriate Pose conversion and File Number--> Select Destination folder

  • Anyway, file extension will still be a number, so them problem of Windows* not recognizing it as a text file, will persist, double-click will not work (at least at first) and I don't think there is an easy way to deal with this.

    In the rare occasions that I need to manipulate source programs that came from NACHI and OTC robots, I first opened an smart text editor, like Notepad++, and opened all the files from there.

    * I'm assuming OP is trying to open the files on a Windows machine, since Linux and Mac(?) normally handle file formats differently.

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