PLC to Robot Communication

  • Hello,

    This is my first post here, so I apologize if this topic has been covered beforehand or if I accidentally break any forum rules. I tried searching through the forums before this point, but I was unable to find what I was looking for. This is our first robotic cell that we are building by the way.

    To make a long story short, we currently have a LR Mate 200iD with a R-30iB Mate Plus controller. We have gone through and setup our VR Processes for our pick and place application. The robot is able to run by itself and we are now in the process of incorporating in our PLC to the system. We just have our PLC hardwired into the robot controller (ie, we are using the Terminal Converter Board). We are able to pass back and forth the necessary DO/DI for our system to work properly. At this point, we are manually starting the robot through the TP or by using the green start button on the front of the controller.

    The next step is for us to have the PLC tell the robot to start and stop. I can do that easy enough by means of a DI. What I really want to do is when the robot powers up, it will go to a default program (ie, let's call that program Main). In order to have the controller load this Main program, from what I can find online, it looks like I need to go into Menu -> Setup -> Program Select and change the Program Select Mode & Production Start Mode to Other. Is this the correct way to do this?

    I also saw that it looks like we potentially need to go into Menu -> Next -> System Config and have the following be done: Enable UI Signals set to True & Remote/Local Setup set to be Remote. In order for this to work, I also saw that we need to have UI1 -> UI3 & UI8 all set to ON for this to work. Do you need to have these particular UI set to be ON?

    At the end of the day, what I would ultimately like to do is have the robot boot to Main when turning on, wait for a particular DI turn on from the PLC/HMI, and then run Main. I am not sure if this is the easiest way to accomplish this task or not, which is why I have reached out to this forum.

    Thank you!

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  • You are on the right track

    Do everything you stated, then:

    Set Production start method = UOP

    Use UI 18 to start the main program.

    Setup a UI for cstopi and set abort all by cstopi to true in the system config menu.

    Setup a UI for reset.

  • Thank you for that information. I will keep that in mind moving forward from this point.

    Before I move forward, I am having issues with my UI1 -> UI3 & UI8. I know that these values need to be ON. However, when I navigate to my UOP and I look at these UIs, I see that some of them are not turned on. From what I can see online, I think that they should all be turned on, correct? I started to look around at the CONFIGURE settings for the UI and I noticed that for the UI that is already ON, it has the following settings:

    • Rack: 35, Slot: 1, Start: 1

    For the UI that is set to OFF, it has the following settings:

    • Rack: 48, Slot: 1, Start: 21-25 (Start value depends on what UI I am looking at)

    Do I need to change the Rack/Slot/Start values to be the values shown above for the UI that is ON? I am still trying to learn what the different Rack/Slot/Start values correspond to.

  • When I set up my robot, I mapped UI[1-3] & UI[8] to the same physical input point, and let the PLC control all 4 at once with a single output.

    As far as what each rack is, this is a list that somebody posted on this forum a few years ago:

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