$ALM_IF variables and reading errors

  • Hi, I need to send alarms from robot to plc via modbus. I can't buy more options.
    I got to read $ALM_IF.$LAST_ERCODE and I get unique codes for each alarm in my register. Is there a table to know which error it is? I would like to map some expected errors to simple variables and send anything else as "other error" so our monitoring from PLC can know what's happening.

    If there's a better option to use over modbus I'd love to hear that too. I don't have karel or error code output (or probably any other paid option)

  • AD
  • I found in appendix A of Handling tool manual the explanation how error codes should be assembled, but I can't read it from $ALM_IF

    Alarms I could get easily and the codes in $LAST_ERCODE

    SRVO_001 - 906690561
    SRVO_002 - 906690562
    SRVO_003 - 906690563

    INTP_254 - 101449982

    Is there a list with this encoding of the alarms? So if I know some alarm code I can know the number without reading it there?

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